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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where did all of the REAL Black Men GO?!

Today I decided to reflect on this year and look to see where I have been so I may determine where and what it is that God is leading me to.  But first, I have got to tell you guys about all of these crazy ass dates I have been on and I am sure that more will follow.  The dating game is hilarious at times. I have never dated outside my race but I may need to switch lanes, meaning date non-black men.  I love my brothers, but I have to agree with @kissydenises article that men are the new bishes.  I read Steve Harvey’s book and I act like a lady but I think like a man.  I read Tyrese’s book and my bottom line leaves little room for bullshit!  Now, one day I may tell this story but that is why GOD said you will know them by their fruits (yea marinate on that and go read your bible)!  Yes, I was involved with a man that would get up in the pulpit and preach chile, I have dated through the horizon except a certain category that I always said I would never want to date.  It seems men want to talk about sex but they don’t want you to talk about money….well hell I don’t want to talk about sex.  So if you want to make me feel uncomfortable, then let me return the favor boo.  Well, this isn't a vent but a return of the Life of Glam_Couture, so since I'm going in (the dating game), come ride with me so we can determine if my method of money talk continues to run men away (lol).  If you can’t do for me what can I can do for myself and I am not attracted to you, not feeling you, then why are we talking?  I’m laughing inside because I was having a ball in my prior dating life which was before the marriage, now that I have had the divorce and the divorce party come ride with me and see what happens on this dating journey and how long it will take to find a SWEET BERRY (yes marinate on that too and learn your history).  Until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day!

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