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Monday, September 2, 2013

God is Faithful: Speak It and IT shall Come to Pass!

Glam Couture
Hair St. Petersburg, FL

About a year ago I blogged that I wanted to work at the Bronner Brothers Summer show in Atlanta, Ga well this year I did just that.  It was everything that I thought it would be, I felt like I was right where I wanted to be.  The moment I have trained my entire career for finally happened.  I worked at the New York Fashion week of Hair....the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta, GA and I was on the floor platforming and educating for Epitomi Professional Hair Products.  So know I am shamelessly doing something that I have never done before, promoting myself, promoting my salon, promoting my career and ultimately accepting and believing in my destiny.

The Cosmetology industry has taken me so many places and given me so many opportunities and I am ready to accept them all.  I have done everything in this industry a person can hope to do with the exception of working live on set of a major movie or TV show but that is next on my list, it shall come to pass!  In life we go through many changes and challenges and I gave up on my career in the cosmetology field and opted to focus on being a great mom, an awesome wife, a caring friend and a person you could confide in with trust that nothing would be repeated.  Well I am a good mom, I failed at the wife part, being the great friend and confident drained me until I was ready to quit and give up and almost lost my mind but I suffered awhile.  I paid a price to be who I am, don't let anything you see fool you.  I am ready to be what I am destined to be, a world renowned hairstylist, weaveologist, extention specialist, colorist and makeup artist that will give you the best precision cut that you have ever seen that flows and moves like silky butter all while sharing the goodness of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I'm happy, internally and externally, I have my peace and my fight back and I'm in this to win.  All the things I have been through were for a reason, I have carried burdens that people don't see, but God saw it all and he did not put more on me than I could bear but it prepared me for my destiny.  The cosmetology field on the level I'm on is not for the weak or the faint hearted, its for the fighters the ones that encourage themselves, people that trust and believe that they are the best and no one is better.  I actually gave up earlier this year and my faith gave way to the process and I was ready to close my salon and step out of the industry for good and I cried like a baby but the burden was too heavy for me, I gave up.  Then on May 10, 2013 I decided to look for a new building and that is where my blessings started, God has been blessing me every since in the salon industry so I'm here world and the Life of Glam Couture is going to get that much better. More blogs, more pictures, more views, more likes, more everything!

So feel free to click on the link above and check out the Glam Couture Hair Page and if you like what you see hit the like button.  I will be posting You Tube videos with future blog post because I want you to experience The Life of Glam Couture with me, I want you see Glam Couture Hair in action, I want you to be a part of my walk with destiny, I want us to be best friends in our mind!

When I started this blog not once did I think that close to 5000, yes FIVE THOUSAND, people would read it!  Now I want to have those same results on the Glam Couture Facebook page that I started a few months ago. I made it to 100 likes and believe that if God got me to 100 he can get me to 1000 and if he can get me to 1000 then there is not limit to what I can do in this industry.  It doesn't matter which state, city or country you are in just click the like button in support of Glam Couture Hair.  I appreciate your support in the blog and ask for you to show some of that glamorous love and support on the Facebook page.  Thank you so much for giving me life!  And if your ever in the St. Petersburg area then look me up, give me a call, stop by and visit because you are a part of my destiny until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day!

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