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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Embracing Life's Frustrating Moments

Right now I am feeling frustrated to no end! Looking back over the years I can see how blind I was because of love.  Now I am moving forward and I have yet to find a man that I feel is qualified and holds the same interest in me that I have in them.  Does this mean that I will be single forever?  Absolutely Not! It merely means I know my worth and value as a woman and I love myself enough not to compromise my expectations to merely have a man.  I finally feel that a man must be bringing just as much as I do to the table if not more and it should be all legal.  No shimmy shammy illegalities within my realm of successfulness.  I have worked hard for my success and I will work harder to maintain it and get it to the next level.  The friends that were close to me in my circle I have now placed in an outer realm—they are not permitted in my Holy of Holies.  Just Jesus and I will reside here for the time being.  I have found true friends are there in good and bad times.  They do not eat the caviar and sip the champagne while its flowing in the good times only to leave like heckling hens in the bad times to gossip.  I may fall down but I will always get up!  I now realize God has you fall sometimes so you may learn who not to bring to dinner with you on the way back up.  I have been throwing my pearls to swine—undeserving people!  As I write this I realize how therapeutic writing is for me and through my feelings of frustration that started my rant my blog has been birthed.  Until next time my lovelies have a Glamorous Day.


Puzzled71 said...

Go Tash, I love it.


glam_couture said...

Thanks chica!