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Thursday, August 4, 2011


We all have things about us that we do not like.  It could be our appearance, the way we dress, how we style our hair and even the people we surround ourselves with.  These are all things that we can change for the bad or the good of our well being.  But the skin that you are in is permanent—you can’t change it!  Although, many will argue that Michael Jackson bleached his skin to give the appearance that he was not of the black race did not change the fact that he was still black.  I say black because to me it’s okay to call me black you don’t have to be politically correct and call me an African-American.  Let the truth be told that I was born in America and I have never been to Africa.  Yes, I may be of African decent but I am also of Indian and Caucasian decent so what would you call me?  When you look at me and the skin that I am in I am in fact a black woman (actually pecan tan).  You can look at a person from India and they may appear to be black but they are Indian but to be politically correct they are a black Indian.  The point I am making is be comfortable in the skin that you are in.  If your eyes are brown embrace them and accentuate them.  Pull out the eye shadow and the eyeliner.  Look up a few tricks of the trade on YouTube.  Go to the M.A.C. counter and pay the few bucks for a makeover and purchase some make-up.  I am guilty of wearing contacts at one point in my life.  My colors were either gray or amethyst in the ColorBlends line and I looked good.  Truth be told I still look good but without the contacts and people constantly ask me am I wearing contacts.  I am not, but I am using the tools of the trade to accentuate these sexy eyes that God has given me.  I recently started wearing eyelash extensions and all I can say is, “look out boo”!  If you feel your lips are too full (or big) depends on how you look at it then learn to work it.  Trust me the look is in!  But if you are uncomfortable with your full sexy lips then use a lip liner darker than the lipstick or gloss you will be wearing and line your lips within your lip line.  (I use the Chestnut one and Plum by M.A.C. often).  Then fill in with the lipstick/gloss and pucker up chica!  I was teased as a child for having big lips and big eyes followed by oversized breast in middle school.  But I have learned to work what God has given me in a positive way.  Feel free to e-mail me directly or post a message if you would like to have more tips on ways to accentuate what you were blessed with and to camouflage what you do not like at with Glamorous EFX Beauty Tip in the subject line I promise to reply. Also, check out Marcus M.A.E. Miller’s website at or  his work is poetic, phenomenal and will make you rethink of hiding the beauty inside.  His motto is “A little powder and paint make a girl what she ain’t.” (Forgive me Marcus if I misquoted you on that).  Until next time my lovelies, embrace and work what you have and have a glamorous day.

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janet said...

Wow... Itz sooo true... Very helpful info... Loved it :) Much love from India.
Love :)