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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vive La Miami

Good morning Glamorous ones—yes I am talking to you!  I must say the third time was the charm for me in the lovely City of Miami.  Everyone that knows me knows the first time was a disaster.  I had a drink on South Beach on Ocean drive (Ocean21 I believe) and the bartender to my belief slipped something in my drink. About an hour or so after I left I was in a bathroom fanning myself of heat flashes and yelling, “My God is My God can’t nobody tell me different they put something in my drink” repeatedly.  After telling multiple people of this incident several stated that it sounded like ecstasy.  Yes I’m cute, sexy and these 36DDD probably didn’t help so I’m sticking with the thought they wanted to kidnap me and my sister and sell us on the black market, she has a derriere that would put Trina (the rapper) to shame. My second trip was with a really good friend with no license.  Can we say disaster!  Oh my by the time we arrived my back was in pain so I wasn’t able to do much and we were down for the SOBE Food Network Food & Wine Festival. I am a true foodie at heart.  So in addition to my back giving me problems he had a little too much to drink at Guy Fieri’s Closing party and I was ready to drop him off at the nearest Greyhound station because I was 38 hot (marinate on that one)!  But this time—nothing but pleasure. My traveling companions were my cousin Del and my sister Sia.  The highlight of my trip thus far was the time we spent at the Mojito Bar in the rain.  The Mojito’s were excellent and the physique on the bartender Alex was nice eye candy for the ladies. I met a nice man name Otto that was here from Wisconsin (praying for your sister). I had a classic mojito, Pearnapple Mojito, Cucumber Mojito and the best of them all the Watermelon Mojito. You have to try this one! I must admit I was skeptical and Alex didn’t suggest it as a good one but it was the best of them all. The watermelon actually complemented the mint it did not overpower it.  I would love to enjoy a few of these with a light seafood dinner one day (searching for the recipe). The Mojito Bar is located within the Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami.  I also allowed one of the make-up artists at D’Nature New York Mineral Cosmetics give me a make over.  It was nice but the mint lip-gloss for me was a must have.  I purchased the Mint Coral and have been wearing it the entire trip and my lips are feeling nice a supple—loves it!  Another thing about me and traveling…I like to be Dora the Explorer and these moments are best enjoyed alone.  This is my time to see the city without restraint. I tend to venture into areas other people would consider off limits but I want to see the city not just the tourist area.  So here I was in this area with homeless people sleep on the concrete or walking around and I am just driving and taking the area in.  Finally, I park my car and venture into some of the stores and I found some really great stuff.  I went into the Macy’s downtown and almost choked to death…I don’t think its safe in there, I suggest they test for mold!  Therefore, a purchase at Macy’s was not made.  We spent the day on South Beach yesterday and some of those men in Speedo’s should be ashamed of themselves! Yes, I took pictures. SALTS=smiled a little then stopped courtesy of DeRay Davis.  The Bay Watch for women moment was the best now that eye candy made the time at the beach totally worth it.  We ended our day eating at Havana’s 1957, it was okay but not much to blog about with the exception of those Boniato Frito’s, can we say D-lish-us!  It is a Cuban sweet potato boiled them deep fried until crisp and served with this awesome sauce.  I am not sure what we will get in today but I am glad to say that the third time has been the charm for me in the beautiful city of Miami! Until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day.

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