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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop Stealing Peoples Time….Basketball Wives LA

Don’t you just hate when you’re in a rush and someone approaches you and just starts talking.  Now this isn’t a, “Hi, how have you been” conversation, this is an important in depth conversation.  I honestly get the importance and urgency you feel to share this information with me but could you please not steal my time!  It’s important to state that you have an important matter to discuss then ask, is now a good time?  I think it is rude to just assume there is not another urgent matter on the table.  I have never had to cut someone off but if it’s early in the morning and rush hour traffic is going then more than likely you have 60 seconds of my time because my schedule is tight in the morning.  Now midday I have free time and late evening I am bored to death so go ahead steal my time but please do not steal my time in the morning.  I can’t even steal a moment for myself so please don’t be selfish about others peoples time, ask before you go into an in depth conversation, this is a common courtesy.  Now that my rant is over let me talk about Basketball Wives LA.  First of all, I found myself praying for forgiveness this morning because I felt so guilty watching this show, my stomach is still in knots.  Here I am in the process of starting a mentoring program for young girls and this is what I am watching for entertainment.  Grown women talking each other down and fighting, one feeling as if they are better than the other.  Women please get over yourself, neither of you are better than the other, no matter who your husband is or was going to be, how long you have been married, how old or young you are or what your occupation is.  Now I do have a favorite of the show so please excuse me if I contradict myself.  If you have something against someone then just say it.  There is no need to beat around the bush and be fake about it.  Put it on the table and let the cards fall where they may, that is what straight no chaser type of women do.  Now Jackie was beating around the bush, Gloria was beating around the bush but my girl Kimsha Artest straight no chaser!  She said how she feels about Malaysia without hesitation.  She did not attempt to be phony or concerned she just gave her a shot of Patron—straight no chaser!  Now, let’s jump the fence to this fight.  I know you all were not expecting Malaysia to throw a blow but I have always said it’s the quiet ones you need to watch for.  And she is not wrong in being reserved in mingling with the women because you have to be careful who you call a friend.  My take on Malaysia is that she is comfortable with who she is and does not need them to accept or define her because she is good with them or without them and that is how a real woman does it!  So with that said I will be watching the show and praying to God to forgive me afterwards because if you are messy on show number one will it get better or worse?  We soon shall see but until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day.

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