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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Perfect Day for Laundry

I'm sitting at my table clicking away at my computer as my boys take the laundry down to the car.  Then out of no where it starts pouring down raining.  Well to me this is the perfect weather for laundry--if the washer and dryer is in your house.  Oh how I loathe washing clothes.  I mean almost but not really its something I force myself to do every week no more than two.  But to load the laundry pull out the laundry.  Then I get excited all over again as I load clothes in the washing machine into the dryer.  I forgot I had and think of where I will wear those cute ripped Guess jeans to next!  Oh my the excitement seats in as I pull the clothes out of the washing machine and slowly sniff my fabric softening sheets as I put two or three sheets in each dryer.  Yes! Now its time for a 30-45 minute break.  Now call me weird but I like to fold clothes directly from the dryer, if they are not folded at this point then it will not get done.  As I fold I get rid of the old items that are not fit to wear or give away. More excitement, a cute shirt to wear with those jeans to wear to the movies, Yes, that is where I will go. Now I seperate everyone's clothes, each person in the house has their own container.  Socks, those pesky little socks.  Why is there two when you buy them, two when you wear them, two when you was them but only one by the time you dry them?  Its a sock monster between the washing machine and the dryer---don't try to tell me any different. So I am sitting here blogging about the laundry mat but with all of this rain, it may not happen but it must happen today because I have put it off far to long! (heavily sighs) Ok so maybe its a love hate relationship me and laundry have going on. Well until next time my lovlies have a glamorous day.

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