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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I need to be PHAT because I am tired of being FAT!

Life has its ups and downs but so does your weight.  I have never struggled with a weight problem, never worked out, ate what I wanted and was alright just fine—literally!  I had my first child and came home from the hospital and put on the same clothes.  I had these cute little stretch marks that looked like blazes of fire coming up on the side of my stomach but they did not go above my waistline.  You could not tell me nothing!  Then he (my oldest son now 20) turned ten and his bugging me for a brother or sister got the best of me so I gave in.  Had a baby with the love of my life…or so I thought (my soon to be ex-husband).  Oh my talk about packing on the pounds.  It was a struggle.  Recently, my third and final child turned three and I said enough is enough!  I contemplated liposuction to get rid of the stomach but then I looked at my face and said…well you can have a flat stomach but your face will still be fat.  So I am taking the long route and I am glad I did because sister over here is getting PHAT, yes I said it and I feel it.  So now I am planning this big photo shoot for my upcoming birthday and wherever I am at in this weight lost challenge is what will be shot.  Be proud of who and where you are.  If you are okay with it then don’t let anyone knock you but when you are ready to change it will make all the difference because true motivation comes from within.  So my song for the week is MOTIVATION by Kelly Rowland because baby I am my motivation! Until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day.

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