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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basketball Wives----Know Who to Talk To! (Mon)

Oh my, my, my, my my my! (In my Johnnie Gil voice) Meeka how stupid can you be!  Tami gave you a pass and let it go and you go talking trash to Susie! Can’t hold water Susie, Diarrhea of the mouth Susie?! Oh m Oh my, my, my, my my my!  Momma said if you can’t back it up then don’t say nothing—NO THING!  What she meant was if you are going to talk and gossip and get in peoples face you better know how to fight or just be quiet.  So Meeka, you did not see that when Tami moved closer she was going to bop you in the face.  And the fact that she got up from it all still chewing that same piece of gum is priceless!  And you were gone with the wind.  Meeka you moved quicker than Chris Brown running from the police in Takers.  Baaaaaabaaaaayyyy, you were out of there.  But what I don’t get is why move so fast then take time out to write a letter bashing Tami, yet again! I mean can you tell Tami anything in her face.  I was stunned I had no clue all of Tami’s tension toward you was because what you said about her had gotten back to her.  Now Tami spoke some truth so all of my lovelies please take heed, sit back and observe the group to see how they operate before you start yapping about this person and that person to this person and that person or you will find yourself being Meeka’d (unaccepted and not wanted in the circle).  I just love all the drama of this show.  But Tami, boo, we have got to get this under control after a certain age, I think we become too old to fight as the aggressor.  We should only fight for safety or defense but boy oh boy that was a good show tonight and I can’t wait until next week.  But seeing that it happened out of the United States Meeka would have to sue you in Rome unless she can sue here in the United States as you were there on business.  But you deserved it so drop the suit Meeka.  Sometimes a good hard slap will wake a person up if nothing else will.  What do all the glamorous people out there think?  Leave a message and let’s sound off on this topic!

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