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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Don't Give Up...Stay in the Fight to Win!

                Calvary Worship Center is where you could find me this morning.  Over the past year I chose to worship with Bishop T.D. Jakes at the Potter’s House via their online service and every Sunday that is where you could find me, attending church on-line with my bible in hand.  I utilized the online option to give my tithe and offering so I was a full participant of the online church community.  However, there was a time that I attended church every week as well as bible study without fail.  Little by little I started working late hours to make ends meet, which grew into me not waking up on time to make it to church.  Then it happened, a familiar spirit had grabbed hold of me, the spirit of anti-socialism.  I had battled this sprit before in school as I moved from state to state and house to house.  I didn’t trust people, they would do things for no reason, phoniness so I decided to stay to myself and not deal with people unless absolutely necessary.  Eventually, I found my way back to church but I didn’t feel comfortable, I enjoyed the praise and worship and the word but I  was anxious to find my way to  the car and zoom home and barricade myself in.  I started really fighting this spirit last year and it is a constant battle for me to do anything outside of work and school.  I even  had a problem when the guy I  started dating recently wanted to always go somewhere and do something and I had no idea how to explain to him the level of uncomfort I experience from being in crowds and around people that I don’t know.  Well today I am happy to say that I beat that old dirty spirit and found my way to worship and hear the word of God amongst other believers, face to face not by internet. 

                I worshipped with Calvary Worship Center where Pastor Fred Hinton gave an awesome word from God.  The message was delivered from John 12:1, 2 he explained that God wants to invite us to eat with him and that he is constantly preparing things behind the scenes while preparing us for those things that he has for us.  As I have mentioned in a prior blog God created Eve after he put Adam to sleep (Genesis 2:21-25).  God does his best work in us when we are sleep, only he can awaken us when the moment is right, and he will wake us when he is ready to unveil what he has been working on behind the scenes.  We may have been asking God why and while we struggled with things internally he was actually preparing the blessing spiritually.  When God wakes you it means your blessing is ready and he’ll guide us to the path to be sure that we find it!  God will call us out of our situation and he will call us by our name.  God will call us by our name because what he has for us is for us and he knows exactly who he wants to bless, what he wants to bless them with and why he wants to bless him!  God wants to bless us because he loves us, it’s not because we deserve it because we all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).  It is because he loves us that he makes a way out of no way. 

                Pastor Hinton also mentioned that we should not get impatient while we are waiting on God to work on our situation.  Others may be locked out but you are next in line.  He said he realized that because he was in the waiting room that meant the doctor was still working and we must not get impatient as we see others being blessed or coming above their situation but realize that God is an on time God and that our time is coming, just be patient because the doctor is still in!  God can take junk and turn it into a masterpiece and he will do things on purpose to bring you to your purpose.  It was such an awesome word.

                I felt comfortable and at ease as I sat and heard the word brought forth by Pastor Hinton.  The atmosphere was one that said, “GOD IS IN THIS PLACE”!  It’s a nice intimate setting allowing you to experience the word of God amongst your brethren without getting lost in the masses and that is okay with me but I know that God plans on increasing this congregation exponentially.  I encourage you to worship at Calvary Worship Center located at 100 East Bay Drive in Largo, FL on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. so you can witness yourself the awesome work that God is doing in this place.  I am glad that I was able to be present in the commemorative service for Pastor Hinton and Calvary Worship Center as he trusts in God and stepped out on faith to do the will of God for this time, for this purpose, for this season of his life.  God blesses us to be a blessing,  so count  your blessings, pray continually and know that there is NO THING (nothing) to hard for God.  Until next time my lovelies, have a glamorous day.

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