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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy As I Am!

As I toured the show floor of the Bronner Brother’s 65th Annual Hair Show I was impressed to see how the show is coming back full circle to more of an educating opposed to an entertaining environment.  As artist we all want to entertain but we also want to stay abreast of the up and coming trends.  Generally, the ethnic arena is behind the curve in regards to things that are trending and my return to the show provided entertainment and education on the advanced level for me to receive it!   Several classes were teaching items that were being taught at predominately white shows over five years ago but better late than never however, I had to leave a coloring class that was misinforming the students.  I did not want to be rude and interject to correct anyone so I felt it best to leave and embrace the world of make-up.  However, as I left the show a blog I wrote popped in my mind.  The article was “Are You Comfortable in the Skin Your In?”  When I wrote this blog I wasn’t very comfortable in the skin I was in.  I had allowed a complex to sneak its way in from a view that someone else had of me.  It was a very hurtful view and even worse, it was a view that I had no way of changing.  So one day I sat down and examined myself and realized there was not anything wrong with me, except I needed to lose some weight.  So I started focusing on me and realizing some of the pitfalls that I had allowed myself to fall into because I wanted someone to accept me on their terms opposed to accepting me as I am.  Over the past two years I have went back and forth over liposuction, then I added the Brazilian Lift as well.  Within the last six months I have realized that I was looking for a quick fix to an internal problem.  Once I really sat down and thought about it I realized the best thing to do was to lose it naturally.  God foreknew me when he created me.  He knew that I was going to end up black.  He knew I was going to end up short.  He knew I would have full lips.  He knew I would have amplified sexy bedroom eyes.  He knew I would be thin most of my life.  He knew how many kids I would have.  He knew that I would have four kids and lose one of them.  He knew my third pregnancy would take me from being thin to overweight.  He knew all of my trials and tribulations before I knew them myself, but he also saved me from them all!  I am still learning me but I am finally comfortable in the skin that I am in.  I decided to lose naturally what I gained naturally and whatever the end result is it is how God created me to be as I increase not only in years but in the knowledge of me according to how he created me.  He knew I would be inspired by everything that I saw at the hair show and sit here tonight and type this blog.  God knows what you can’t tell him.  Is there something about you that you are not comfortable with?  Maybe it isn’t your aesthetic appearance but your attitude or now you treat people.  Maybe it is where you are in life or maybe even your walk with God.  Living a life as Christ did is a daily walk and it is not easy but if we realize that in the end he is working on our behalf we have comfort in knowing that he will see us through it all.  So for all of you not comfortable with the skin that you are in its okay because God has created so many things within the beauty industry for us to use so we may accentuate and improve what we don’t like while we work on us.  See God can do everything but faith without works is dead so we must invite him in to help us pull it all together.  We will continually transition to be more Christ like and transform our mind by killing the old and birthing the new by continually learning him as we learn ourselves.  Today I feel that I am right where I am should be, focused on my walk with God and fulfilling his purpose in my life.  So until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day.


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