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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bitterness Is not Sexy...Just Let it Go!

This is your life, your opportunity, and your universe of beautiful possibilities. Take responsibility for it all, no matter what, and make it into a magnificent and increasingly joyful experience.
— Ralph Marston

How many of us walk around blaming others for our shortfalls or feelings as if someone owes us something?  If you are one of these people then this blog was meant for you.  Please understand in life the only person responsible for you once you reach adulthood is you.  So if you were mistreated as a child, please let it go because you past is hindering you from your future.  If you did time for someone else’s crime, let it go because your past does not determine your future.  If you boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, Aunt, nephew, Uncle, niece, dog, cat, parrot, fish did you wrong let it go….harboring negative feelings only hurts one person in the end and that is you.  You will kill a person more with kindness more than you will with anger and bitterness, just let it go.  I understand at times you want to go Stone Cold Steve Austin on someone…well do it…in your mind…do it! Jail, probation, fines and humility is not worth it, the value of you should be worth more than getting even.  The Lord said Vengeance is mine and I agree sometimes he moves slowly to us but God moves in his time not ours so just let go and let God.  Find something positive to focus your energy into…I’m focusing mine into this blog because God knows I would love to RAMBO someone right about now! Yes, I am upset, I am mad, hell truth be told right now I am livid but I am worth more than my anger toward any situation! Therefore, I am letting go as I have glamorous thoughts of Martini’s at Happy Hour tonight! Until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day!


bayareabat said...

i like this. Good job, I look forward to reading your blogs

Rachel Shockey said...

Hi Natasha! Great blog and great post! Bitterness never adds an ounce to our lives and I believe that it separates us from the Lord. How can we have bitterness in our hearts and love God fully, or better yet, love others as God has called us to love?

Keep blogging, I really enjoy reading what you have to say! :)

glam_couture said...

Thank you Rachel and Bay Area Bat! I have been putting my blog off for months your feedback encourages me to keep it going! TOT