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Friday, July 19, 2013

Lemonade Anyone?!

  I was faced with an issue, a pressing dilemma of keeping my salon or closing the doors so I prayed on it.  It was May 10 when God showed me where he wanted me to be.  It was 20 years ago that he gave me a vision in a dream that was captured in a picture when I went to look at the new location and all I could say was GOD IS SO GOOD.  The tears I could not control.  This is when I realized that sometimes in life God gives us a lemon when we asked for lemonade.  But it is how we handle the lemon that creates the lemonade.  We have to learn to utilizing the lemons God gave us, because what the devil meant for bad God meant for good. 
As I prepared to move God gave me a lemon, but through it all I kept saying Lord I trust you, I know you will make a way.  I had family pressing me on one end about everything except my salon and on the inside I was saying Lord I trust you and on the outside I was saying God will work it out.  It was finally moving day and I went to U-Haul to pick up the truck.  Now first off when I did the reservation they did not have the size truck I needed so I had to take a bigger one (more money right)!  So I was scheduled to pick the truck up on a Friday at 6:00pm and I arrived with a line longer than the Georgia Aquarium. The gentleman told me he closed at 7:00pm so I said I will be back because I had to go secure my storage unit.  Well when I arrived back I was told that I had to leave a $100 deposit because I was paying with cash, no one told me that on the phone and the bank is now closed and I only have $75.  So I said to myself you know what just go ahead and use your van to move, so I put gas in the van and had $40 remaining. 
I was giving some items at the shop away so my friend came with the truck to pick up the couch and asked if I wanted to put anything else on the truck.  PERFECT!  God was working, we used the truck to deliver the other couch and oversized chair to my brother whom I was gifting that to.  A few less runs in the van for me but then I started feeling overwhelmed for some reason, but I did not give up or give in I kept pressing.  As we were departing from the salon we noticed a U-Haul truck broke down across the street, the same size I wanted to rent but wasn’t available!  We went and delivered the furniture to my brother’s house and my brother and I headed back to the shop to finish moving.  As my brother and I were on the inside I had a thought, hey, that truck ran out of gas maybe they are headed to turn it in and I can pay them to take this stuff to the shop and have everything finished in one load.  BRILLIANT! 
My brother went to ask and no one was at the truck.  Ok, so I guess not, let’s keep loading the van.  Then I saw them return and my brother went over.  Now remember God gave me a lemon and how I use the lemon determines the end result right!    Well as it turned out the people had ran out of gas in the process of taking the truck back and only had $1 for gas, the lady told me she had been evicted out of a five bedroom house and all she could afford was the small truck to move and she had already had it two days longer than she should have.  They were attempting to find a bed at the Salvation Army shelter but they were full and no beds were available and she didn’t have enough money for a hotel room.  So here I was in a position to help her and she was in the same position to help me even though we are in two different scenarios God can use both of us!  I offered to pay her to use the truck to run one load to the shop then she could use the money I was giving her to get a room for the night.  So we went to the gas station and I put gas in the gas can for the U-Haul.  My brother and I loaded the truck stopped and put more gas in it then unloaded the truck and were ready to head down to U-Haul to turn it in! 
Well God showed up again.  One of the ladies friends called and stated that her sister had just moved out of her house and the water and lights were still on and the landlord didn’t know she had moved yet so her and her daughter could stay there for the weekend!  Isn’t God good!  I gave her the money as agreed and was glad that I made lemonade out of my lemon because sometimes God takes us through some things because there is someone else he needs us to help on the way to the blessing he has for us.  Years ago I told God, if you can use anything you can use me and my life from that point forward has been testimony after testimony after testimony of how God’s grace and favor on my life has helped me pass the test!   Yes, I wish I had more money to give this lady but God gave me a lemon and what did I do?  You got it; I made the sweetest glass of lemonade I could make.  What’s your praise report?  Go ahead and share God’s goodness with others, the least expected will be encouraged in ways you never though possible.  Until next time my lovelies have a glamorous day.

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